Monday, October 26, 2009

BNP membership-list and SLLUantifa

A new membershiplist of the fascist and racist British National Party (BNP) has been leaked once more, again through This list identifies that some of the fascist BNP members are teachers, lecturers, prison officers, serving police officers, nurses and other public sector workers. We believe that it is important that every BNP member is identified because of the nature of this organisation that espouses the politics of race hate and division and targets communities with its vicious race hatred. We will be tweeting the names on the bnp membershiplist (follow @slluantifa) and also sending out letters to people on the list urging them to contact the authorities if they have been added to this so called membershiplist without their permission. SLLUantifa is a subgroup of SL Left Unity (SLLU). This campaign has been organised by members across the globe. We are a left unity group using social media such as Second Life and Twitter to collaborate on world wide campaigns. Our main address is