Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SLLU letters send out - Help us contact all

As we mentioned in our previous post, part of our action is to send out letters to people on the BNP members list to try to reach some of those people who are included on the list without their consent. People who may have shown some interest in the party; people who may have signed a petition; people who did not sign up to be a member of the fascist BNP, but got added to the list nevertheless. We hope to reach people who are in the dark about the use of their identity by the BNP to inflate its members list as well as to make the general membership look more moderate. Activists from across the globe have been sending out letters the past few days; activists united through the Second Life group SLLU, SL Left Unity. We have all been sending the same letter, which is created in a collaborative manner and signed by SLLU. We as internationalists believe that the rise of ethnic-nationalism and fascism is a concern for everyone wherever it occurs. If you want to help us out with contacting the entire list in this fashion, you can download the letter we used here: http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=other&file=SLLUletter_to_bnp_list_pdf.pdf Print it out, pick some people from the list and send the letters to them as soon as possible. All we ask when you use our letter is to be respectful since we are trying to reach those people that are on the list without their consent, thus most likely not true fascists.